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17 Ways to Get Financially Ready for Law School

February 2, 2021Press-U.S. News

Pursue paid internships and clerkships, and consider loan forgiveness programs. Summer jobs can help law students pay school costs. Paid internships or clerkships are beneficial, suggests Jason Ye, co-chair of the Asia branch of the Ortoli Rosenstandt LLP law firm. Also, future public interest la...

How Have Closed Borders Impacted International Business?

October 26, 2020Forbes-Press

As international lawyers who have born witness to numerous shifts and adjustments during our careers, my partners and I certainly expected that of all things brought on by the coronavirus, closed borders would result in restricted business. International business requires a level of movement and ...

Are The US And China Tensions Affecting Business?

September 14, 2020Forbes-Lexlink-Press

For the past three years, the trade war between the U.S. and China has placed economic stress on the two economic powerhouse countries. However, the trade pact that the two countries reached in January 2020 seemed to alleviate some of that pressure and even hinted that economic and political tens...

The 10 Top Stocks to Buy and Hold Into 2021

August 12, 2020Investor Place-Press

With so much of the news centered on the novel coronavirus, it’s hard to think about anything else. But as difficult as it is to conceptualize at the moment, there is life after corona. Thus, astute investors should consider potential top stocks to buy for 2021 and the years beyond that. Given ...

Ortoli Rosenstadt’s Jason Ye talks about delisting rumors

December 4, 2019Press-WSM

Even though the US treasury denied alleged “blocking Chinese companies from listing on US stock exchanges”, the panic caused by the rumor did not dissipate completely. Co-Chair of Asia Practice at Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP, Jason Ye, sits down with us at New York Stock Exchange to discuss the...